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Meet your Director, Holly Clay, and her Assistant Director Carla Ashley, who will lead Dragon Youth Cheer into the future! 

With years of experience in coaching and cheerleading, Holly and Carla bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to our program.

They have worked with teams of all levels, from beginner to advanced, and have a proven track record of success in competition. Holly and Carla are passionate about creating a positive and inclusive team culture, where every member feels supported and challenged to reach their full potential.


Dragon Youth Cheer is a Southlake, Texas based youth cheer program for students in grades K – 6. This program was developed to give youth students in Southlake the opportunity to learn cheer fundamentals, add spirit to our youth football teams, and boost their self-confidence, all while working as a TEAM! We are a non-competitive cheer organization focused on creating a fun experience for all children involved.


Older students in grades 4-6 have the opportunity to participate in a more advanced intermediate level. The uniforms for this group will be different. This group will learn more advanced stunts and cheers that will prepare them for cheering in middle school.

The cheer season runs from August through November, in coordination with the Dragon Youth Football season. Click on DATES in the menu for a list of important dates.

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