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GOT Questions?

1. Who are the Dragon Youth Cheerleaders?

Dragon Youth Cheerleaders cheer recreationally for the Dragon Youth Football teams, grades K-6th. We are not a competitive cheer organization and we welcome all students/children at any level of experience. Our focus is on team spirit, teamwork, positive attitudes, respect and Dragon pride. The tradition starts here!

2. Do you have to live in the Southlake Carroll ISD to participate?

Yes, the league requires all participants to live in Southlake or be eligible to attend Carroll ISD schools.

3.  What is the time commitment for practices and games?

The teams practice once a week for 45 minutes to an hour. The team coaches determine the day, time and DYF/DYC approved location for the practices at the beginning of the season. The games are typically on Saturdays and last about 2 hours.  Please be aware that some games are in nearby communities. Cheerleaders are expected to cheer at away games.

4. Where are practices held?

Many of the coaches schedule their practices around the boys practice to make it easier for the parents with sibling cheerleaders and parents. The boy’s schedules will not be determined until mid to late August. The cheer coach may select a different day, time and location if they are not able to accommodate the same schedule as the boys or if there are not any siblings on that team.

5. How are teams formed?

We always do our best to accommodate special requests in the following order of priority:

a) Cheer coach daughters

b) Football coach daughters

c) Sibling players/cheerleaders

d) Friend requests

e) School

f) Age

The online registration form allows you to make team requests.


6. Who coaches the cheer squads?

All squads are coached by parent volunteers who must go through the DYF/DYC background check.  The more coaches DYC has, the more squads we can have.  To be compliant with our liability insurance, coaches and assistant coaches must be 18 years old or be an approved High School Dragon Cheerleader.


7. Do all football teams have cheerleaders?

Previously, we have not had enough cheer coaches and cheerleaders to provide a cheer squad for each football team.  Cheer squads are assigned to a given football team for numerous and various reasons including sibling (brother playing for football team or sister cheering) and parent involvement (coaching football or cheer).  Each season we hope to increase DYC participation with the hope that each football team will have cheerleaders.  Parents can help make this happen by volunteering as a cheer coach to create additional squads.

8. Can you accommodate multiple request for my cheerleader’s placement on a squad?

We attempt to accommodate ALL requests to the best of our ability, however, we have to prioritize your requests.  If your highest priority is to have your daughter cheer for her brother or to be with her best friend, please state that on the registration form, as your top priority.  We cannot make assumptions in this area because we do not receive a roster from DYF listing all football players.  We also cannot assume that children are related simply by their last name.  We must also have enough coaches to fulfill requests and sometime that is a limiting factor.

9. How much should I be prepared to spend?

The Registration fee is as follows:

  • Early Registration- March 1-31- $125

  • Regular Registration- April 1-30- $150

  • Late Registration- May 1-15- $200

    • No refunds after May 15th

The registration fees covers but is not limited to all organizations expenses including insurance, facility rentals, some team expenses, cheer camp and camp tank, and end of year awards. The registration does not cover ANY expenses related to uniforms and required accessories. Please see required and non-required items below for additional expenses

10. Do you offer sibling discounts?

Due to a reduction in registration fees, there will not be sibling discounts for the 2023 DYC season.

11. What items are required?

As of the 2023 Season, the required items are listed below with approximate prices for each:

  • Uniforms – You can purchase a new uniform for $120 if ordered during one of the fittings. Prices increase significantly if a late order has to be placed.

  • Green metallic pom-poms – $25

  • Pink Metallic pom poms – $25

  • Two hair bows – $30

  • Cheer bucket – $10 (not decorated)

Cheer bucket decorating – You can do this yourself, have it painted, or place an order through "Fast Pitch Stitch".  Visit the Dragon Youth Cheerleading FaceBook page for decorating ideas. Just search “buckets”

** Note that each season items can change or stay the same from previous season.  Please make sure you have the current season items on the field.  Cheerleaders may wear used items as long as they are approved items for the current season.

12. What is my cheerleader required to wear at games?

Your cheerleader will be required to wear her (1) uniform including briefs, (2) white sneakers and white socks, and (3)a DYC bow.  During cold weather cheerleaders may wear a black fitted long sleeve shirt under their shell (top) and black fitted leggings under their skirt.  During October, they will wear their pink DYC bow.  Some squads in the past have chosen to wear pink socks during October, however this is not required. ** Please do not wear non-DYC items on the field during games.

13. What other items will my cheerleader need?

  • Athletic shorts for practices, cheer camps, and group events.

  • White tennis shoes and white socks – Any white tennis shoes will be just fine.

  • Fitted Black long-sleeved top and leggings – These items will be needed when the weather gets cooler but do not wait until then to purchase. They will be harder to find. It is important for them to be fitted, as they will be worn under the uniform.

  • Water jug – The cheerleaders will need to bring their own water to camp, practices and games. Any water bottle will do.

14. How can I sell or purchase a used uniform?

FOR YOUTH SQUADS (grades K-4): f you are interested selling or purchasing a used uniform, we encourage you to post your uniform or ISO (In Search Of) request to the Facebook Group Southlake Treasures Exchange B/S/T.   You can also post on the Dragon Youth Cheer Facebook page.

FOR INTERMEDIATE SQUADS ONLY (grades 4-6): If you are interested selling or purchasing a used uniform, we encourage you to post your uniform or ISO (In Search Of) request to the Facebook Group Southlake Treasures Exchange B/S/T.   You can also post on the Dragon Youth Cheer Facebook page.

Dragon Youth Cheer does not facilitate the buying and selling of used uniforms. This needs to be handled directly with the person selling their uniform.

15. What is the registration process for a returning cheerleader?

To complete the registration process, click on the register button on the home page. Registration opens on March 1. Late Registration begins May 1st. A $50 late registration fee will be added at that time. 

Please be aware, you must complete the online registration before the end of day, April 30th to avoid paying the $50 late fee. All registrations must be completed online and paid by May 15.  If you have all the gear from the previous year you still need to view for the new required items.

16. What is the registration process for a new cheerleader?

All new cheerleaders will need to go through the fitting process for a new uniform. Uniform fittings will be conducted at each of the Spirit Event (dates TBD). If you are not able to attend one of the fittings, and need to order a uniform or accessories, please submit your order using the online order form by May 17th.  You also need to complete the online registration process.

17. Who should I contact if I need to have a uniform altered?

K&C Tailor, located next to Tom Thumb in Village at Timarron. 631 E Southlake Blvd D, (817) 421-9399 

18. Do you need help from parents?

Yes, Dragon Youth Cheer is run 100% by parent volunteers. We cannot be successful without the support and involvement from our parents.

Ways you can help:

  • Snack Coordinator – coordinate a snack schedule for practices and games.

  • Homecoming Coordinator – coordinate homecoming activities and crafts.

  • Football Mom Liaison – Communicates and coordinates activities between the football moms and cheer moms.

  • Craft Mom – help coordinate crafts for spirit sticks, boo bags, signs, etc…

  • Volunteer to help with the end of season celebration.

  • Volunteer to assist with team pictures throughout the season.

When you register your daughter, there is an option to identify your interests there or you may contact .

19. What is the difference between the 4 day cheer clinic during the week and the half day DYC cheer camp on a Saturday during the summer?

The Varsity/JV cheerleaders host the 4 day cheer clinic. This is a great opportunity to introduce your little Dragons to new cheers while interacting with the older cheerleaders. This is not part of the DYC program and is not required but it is very fun and beneficial. It is usually held the first week of August and is typically from 9 am – 12 pm. Stay tuned to Carroll Dragon Cheer for more details and information about registration.  Check our Important Dates for the Dragon Youth Cheer camp dates and times.

Dragon Youth Cheer hosts a Saturday cheer camp that is included in the registration fee. Your little cheerleader will receive a camp shirt for this event. At this event, the students/children will meet their new teams and start to learn some of the cheers and basics to get them off to a great start.

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