What Do I Need?

Required Items

A. Must Be Purchased From DYC

Uniform ($120)


Green Poms ($25)

green pom.PNG

Pink Poms ($25)

pink poms.PNG



Green Bow ($10)

green bow.PNG


intermediate bow.PNG

Pink Bow ($10)

pink bow.PNG

Duffle Bag - INTERMEDIATE ONLY (style may differ from shown) ($40)

new duffle.PNG

B. May Be Purchased Elsewhere (still required)

Cheer Bucket - YOUTH ONLY

Purchase and decorate your own, or order a custom decorated one from The Gift Store. If you decorate your own, please be sure to include your cheerleader's name.


Black Briefs/Biker Shorts

Order from DYC for $10 or find your own. Any fitted black shorts will do.

White Socks

Any white ankle socks will do. Please be sure to wear WHITE unless the ENTIRE SQUAD opts to wear pink socks during October (Breast Cancer awareness).

White Cheer Shoes

Any white cheer shoes are acceptable.

optional accessories

A. Through DYC

Warm Up Jacket ($60)
*includes embroidery


Warm Up Pants ($35)

warm up pants.jpg

B. May Be Purchased Elsewhere

Clear Rain Jacket

Available through DYC for $15. However, any clear rain jacket can be worn.

Black Long Sleeve Top

To be worn under the uniform during cooler weather.

Black Leggings

To be worn under the uniform during cooler weather.